ECHDP work is implemented within 7 areas

Maternal Health

In order to reduce infant mortality rate and maternal deaths in line with the MDG number 4 and 5, the organization works with Community structures and neighbourhood health committees and Safe Motherhood Action Groups (SMAGS) to promote health facility delivery and sexual and reproductive practices.


Nutrition is recognized to be a very important aspect of the Health project. Under this component, Community nutritional Assessment, counselling, support, education, referrals for nutritional support, food supplements are provided to people.


Malaria stands to be the first killer amongst HIV/AIDS and other diseases. ECHDP conducts education in the communities and facilitate the use of insecticide treated mosquito nets. Much emphasis is put on children under five (5) years), pregnant women, the aged, the chronically ill people.


This is an area where ECHDP works to promote hygiene, water and sanitation in the Communities and schools to improve the quality of life of the people. It does this by offering health talks and supporting WASHE activities.


Under this component, a robust Community HIV testing counseling is being utilized in order to reach out to all communities and leave no stone unturned.

Reproductive Health

Under this component, a robust Community HIV testing counseling is being utilized in order to reach out to all communities and leave no stone unturned.

Health Systems strengthening

ECHDP through its staff mobilizes and strengthens community health systems by community members and Leaders on how they can be helpful and to take part in the health and feedback strengthening.


Under this component, a robust Community HIV testing counseling is being utilized in order to reach out to all communities and leave no stone unturned.


Under this programme, ECHDP carries activities. Early Childhood Care and Development is one of it and this programme facilitates and supports the education of children as doing this is the foundation for quality education in the nation. Infrastructure support, education materials support and many other activities are implemented and supported.

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Under this programme,education in general is supported by providing educational materials to schools especially Community schools and government schools that are lacking certain materials.

Adult literacy

This is in order to give a chance to those adults that failed to realize their dreams of completing their education due to different circumstance beyond control to still pick up from where they left through GCE and Community Literacy Learning Programmes.

School and Tertiary Sponsorship

Scholarships and sponsorships to secondary and college vulnerable pupils and students are provided. Referrals to other Organizations and Community support systems are being implemented.

School Infrastructure support

We provide support to educational institutes in the form of infrastructure expansion, maintenance, upgrades such as classroom equipment, books and computers.


Under this programme, ECHDP runs a Project called “Your
environment matters’’ (YEM) which looks at ways of reducing
environmental degradation and climate change mitigation.

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Climate Change & Environmental Protection

Under this project, Communities are being trained and sensitized about the effects of cutting down trees, burning substances that contribute to climate change.

Tree Planting

Tree planting has been encouraged and avoiding to burn litter anyhow. The project has targeted charcoal burners and tree-cutters as first priority by putting in place YEM peers who in turn teach others on the effects of climate change and environmental degradation.

Environment watch groups

Encouraging communities to remain vigilant agianst tree cutting while training in entrepreneurship, business management and other livelihood skills like carpentry, bricklaying, tailoring and many more are provided to the targeted members of the community in order to facilitate change in behaviour.

Economic Empowerment

ECHDP has a specific project for its economic empowerment called, “Empowered for sustainability and Development” (ESD).
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Priority is given to women, the disabled, ex-prisoners (to facilitate their smooth integration back into society), People living with HIV/AIDS, Commercial Sex Workers, widows/widowers and children looking after fellow children.

Vulnerable but Viable Economic Empowerment

This project aims at empowering the Zambian citizens especially those that are vulnerable but viable with loans and revolving funds in order to improve their lives economically.

Entrepreneurship skills

Trainings in entrepreneurship, business management and other livelihood skills like carpentry, bricklaying, tailoring and many more are provided to the targeted members of the community so as to earn a decent living from each particular skill.


This programme has been given a specific Project name as, “Our Zambia, For Us (OZFU). ECHDP ensures the policies made in the running of the nation by policy makers move the nation and its health, economic and development agenda forward. It also participates in criticizing retrogressive policies. Further, the community members are trained on identification abuse of authority and misuse of public resources by public workers and how to deal with them. Civic education is also done to citizens.

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Youth Outreach/ empowerment

This is an integrated Programme for Youths encompassing a variety of adolescents/youth affairs. Adolescents and youths in Eastern province engage themselves in several risk behaviours which puts them at danger of contacting diseases like HIV/AIDS, STIS, cervical cancer and many others thereby reducing their life span. Most school going girls and boys and those in colleges engage in illicit sex and prostitution for different reasons, abuse drugs and alcohol, conduct unsafe abortions, early marriages, engage in pornography and other vices

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The Organisation considers Research as a way of facilitating evidence based decision making and practice. ECHDP carries out health, development, social and economic research in its programmes. The researches range from surveys, studies and many others.

The Organization currently through its staff is embarking on carrying out a research to find out to what extent are referrals and feedback systems between Health facilities and traditional health practioners are being appreciated in the promotion of Primary health care and public heath agenda. The Organization is also open to participate in researches being carried out by other organizations to achieve a common cause. It is also contracted to carry out research/surveys for other organizations and individuals.

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Medical Circumcision

ECHDP mobilizes and carries out sensitizations in the communities in order to create demand for the above services in schools, churches, markets, bus stops and other public places.


In this programme, a number of activities take place. Training of farmers in sustainable agricultural methods, linking farmers to markets, training of farmers on diversification, orienting farmers on how to make agriculture a viable business. Farmers are also mobilized to form Farmers Support groups where empowerment of each other, accessing of seed loans and revolving benefits are shared.


This programme is being implemented by advocating for a gender sensitive approach to all issues in human sphere. It promotes an environment where women and men are treated fairly with each availed equal opportunities.

Behavioural Change and Communicatione

ECHDP works in this area through sensitizations in the communities. The component integrates health issues like HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria and many other diseases. The component encourages ways that improves the quality of life through better health practices.

Our Staff

Our Staff Highly Qualified & Skilled. Syria Phiri Director of Programmes-Health Mr. Syria Phiri is the Director of Programmes-Health. He is a Clinical Officer General trained from Chainama College of Health Sciences. He has extensive work experience, having worked...
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ORGANIZATIONAL OBJECTIVES. a) To reduce HIV infection by facilitating health seeking behaviours amongst the people with HIV, the people who are not infected and those who are at high-risk of infection e.g Adolescents, Adolescents/Youths, Prisoners etc through the...
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GOAL, FOCUS, VISION, MISSION, MISSION STATEMENT, VALUES, OBJECTIVES. Goal To supplement the government and other Non-Governmental Organizations’ efforts in service provision by bridging the existing gaps in the service provision through the provision of holistic...
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FORM AND LEGAL STATUS (REGISTRATION). On 29th August, 2014, Eastern Community Health and Development Programme (ECHDP) became formally registered with the Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health as a local indigenous Community non-for-profit...
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ORGANISATIONAL BACKGROUND AND ORIGIN: Eastern Community Health and Development Programme (ECHDP) is a local, Zambian and Community envisioned Non-for-profit Organisation (NGO) founded by three (3) Zambians namely Syria Phiri; an experienced Clinical Officer General,...
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Our Staff Highly Qualified & Skilled. 5.0: MANAGEMENT TEAM AND STAFF. The Board has delegated the responsibility for the day-to-day management of ECHDP to the 3 Director of Programmes who are also founders of the Organization, who are supported by the Financial...
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6.0: ORGANISATIONAL SOURCES OF FUNDING, EXPERTISE AND OPERATIONAL CAPACITIES.   Organization sources of funding. Since its inception, ECHDP has largely depended on the generosity and contributions of its founders. An acute shortage of funds necessary to both...
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 INSTITUTIONAL FRAMEWORK Governance An independent Board of Directors (BOD) made up of seven (7) skill-based qualified professionals and development specialists from the Church, NGO, Private, business and government agencies, including the ECHDP’s three (3) founding...
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PROGRAMME OPERATIONAL AREAS. ECHDP work is implemented within its 13 Work areas as captioned below:- Health. ECHDP realizes the importance of health. Health has several areas and the Organization strives to integrate these services as each one is important to be...
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