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Building Healthy and Productive Communities

Organizational   goal

To supplement the government and other Non-Governmental Organizations’ efforts in service provision by bridging the existing gaps in the service provision through the provision of holistic services in order to meet the complex needs of the communities we are serving.


To build healthy and productive local Communities through the provision of holistic, relevant and sound health and development services for sustainable and meaningful development.


To build healthy and productive local Communities through the provision of holistic, relevant and sound health and development services for sustainable and meaningful development.


The following are the values that underpin the work of ECHDP


To ensure there is respect for all staff members, partners, and stakeholders with whom we share common goals, while recognizing    and respecting individual differences

Integrity and honesty

Our staff members are expected to be consistently truthful and straight-forward and to uphold the highest form of integrity to the Organization, our beneficiaries, partners and other concerned individuals

Gender equality and equity

ECHDP is committed to fairness and not disadvantaging anybody regarding sex, race, religion, political affiliation, HIV status and many other areas in its work .

Innovation and creativity

ECHDP and its members shall always strive to find new ways of solving problems and not doing things routinely


Transparency shall be demonstrated through dialogue that enables discussion of issues in an open, constructive, honest, and problem-solving oriented manner


ECHDP will always value the creation, strengthening and nurturing of collaborations with the government, donors, partners and the communities in its operations


Our staff members are expected to acknowledge and assume responsibility for their actions, products, decisions, and policies


ECHDP implements its activities in ways that are lasting to avoid dependency on continual external assistance and support. This is ensured by including, where allowed by a donor, sustainability/business expenditure in the budget which is channelled towards Organizational sustainability project. Further, in all its projects, the Organization ensures full time Community ownership of projects through Capacity building and Community engagement

Evidence Based Practice

The Organization and its members ensure that all its projects and activities respond to proven problem(s) and are as a result of practical and proven identified problems, challenges and issues rather than implementing projects and activities based on assumptions. This shall be done through Community stakeholders’  consultation /involvement and research, Rapid Participatory Appraisals, Needs assessment and surveys.


Eastern Community Health and Development Programme currently has a minimal, committed and self-motivated individuals with extensive and broad range of relevant experience and an entrepreneurial ethic. ECHDP has expertise and strong experience in implementing HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria, STIs, Cervical Cancer, Sexual and Reproductive Health.

Evans Nsooka
Resource Mobilization and Expansion Director

Evans Nsooka is a social Worker, He holds a Bachelors of Arts in Social Work. He has passion for and  is dedicated to community Development. He has passion to see the lives of the very poor in rural villages improve. He has initiated several interventions in health, environmental protection and livelihoods that have won him accolades. In 2016, He was recognized as a promising Young Civic Leader and was offered The Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders and was taken to the United States for training. He has dedicated himself to improving the lives of the poor in rural villages and combating diseases that have affected both the urban and rural areas of Zambia.

  • Leadership 95%
  • Management 85%
  • Organization 90%
  • Planning 90%
  • Project Managment 95%

Syria Phiri
Director of Programmes-Health

Mr Syria Phiri is a clinical medical scientist, with vast experience in the management of HIV/AIDS patients and other health related issues. He has passion for reaching to isolated communities with health services so that the poor can have access to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Leadership 95%
  • Management 80%
  • Organization 90%
  • Planning 75%
  • Project Managment 90%

Mambwe Mkasanga
Director of Programmes

Mr Mambwe Mkasanga is both a Social Worker and Public Health Practitioner. He has over 8 years experience in the areas of Health Administration, Community/Public Health, HIV/AIDS Programs Management, Management and Research. He has led Health Research programs for 2years.

  • Leadership 95%
  • Management 85%
  • Organization 90%
  • Planning 90%
  • Project Managment 95%

legal status

An independent Board of Directors (BOD) made up of seven (7) skill-based qualified professionals and development specialists from the Church, NGO, Private, business and government agencies, including the ECHDP’s three (3) founding members who serve as ex-officio members govern the Eastern Community Health and Development Programme (ECHDP).The main function of the Board of Directors is to govern the work of ECHDP in fulfilling its mission, upholding its values and safeguarding its assets. In this regard, the governing body is the superior organ that makes decisions of constitutional and legal nature and supervises the management of ECHDP to ensure achievement of mission and proper management of resources.

board of directors

On 29th August, 2014, Eastern Community Health and Development Programme (ECHDP) became formally registered with the Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health as a local indigenous Community non-for-profit Non-Governmental Organization in accordance with the provisions of NGOs Act number 16 of 2009 of the laws of the republic of Zambia.

partners & donors

Since its inception, ECHDP has largely depended on the generosity and contributions of its founders. An acute shortage of funds necessary to both “kick start” and sustain activities has been a major constraint. The Organization founders have embarked on massive resource mobilization through proposal writing and submissions. It is hoped that as soon as some proposals are successful, the organization can run the activities effectively and produce greater results and impact.


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