1. a) To reduce HIV infection by facilitating health seeking behaviours amongst the people with HIV, the people who are not infected and those who are at high-risk of infection e.g Adolescents, Adolescents/Youths, Prisoners etc through the implementation of integrated and comprehensive health approaches and programmes and activities by 2020.
  2. b) To reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS in amongst children, adolescents/youths and adults by providing assistance that targets the named populations by 2020.
  3. c) To contribute to the achievement of the MDGs by 2015.                                
  1. d) To facilitate behavioral change in amongst Youths by implementing various activities and involving them in the needed change by 2020.
  2. e) To promote and improve the nutritional status amongst people living with HIV/AIDS by 2020.
  1. d) To increase community engagement in the health system by 2018.
  2. f) To promote the integration of health services for greater impact e.g MC. SRHR, Cervical Cancer, Breast Cancer, VCT and many others by 2020.
  3. g) To improve safe motherhood and encourage health facility delivery by 2020.
  4. h) To improve and strengthen referral and feedback systems amongst different service provision points/Organizations by advocating for a two-way referral system (NGOs, Health facilities and Communities by 2020.
  5. i) Promote referral systems and strengthening links between health facilities and traditional health practioners to improve the primary health care by 2020.
  6. j) Implement a grassroots and robust VCT/HCT project in order to increase HIV testing and counseling by 2020.
  7. k) Facilitate the EID in HIV exposed children to reduce HIV related deaths in children by 2020.
  8. l) To offer literacy education to adults in order to empower them and encourage participation in national affairs by 2020.
  9. m) Provide integrated educational support to vulnerable children, youths and other community members by 2020.
  10. n) Reduce Gender Based Violence in the families and communities through education, training, and enforcement by 2020.
  11. o) Promote Early Childhood education in order to contribute to child growth and quality education by 2020.
  12. p) To promote hygiene in the communities through an integrated approach by 2020.
  13. q) Advocate for improved methods of farming and promote food security at household level by 2020.
  14. r) Promote good governance through advocacy and positive criticism of retrogressive policies and violation of democratic principles by 2020.
  15. s) Encourage and advocate for women participation in national affairs by 2020.
  16. t) Promote ways of preventing and reducing the acts leading to environmental degradation and climate change by 2020.
  17. u) Support vulnerable community groups with sustainable loans and relief for development.
  18. v) To support HIV/AIDS, disabled, and agricultural groups financially, socially and economically in order to promote development by 2020.
  19. w) Advocate and facilitate the promotion of children’s, disabled, and women’s rights by 2020.
  20. x) Promote and advocate for citizen land ownership by 2020.