Organization sources of funding.

Since its inception, ECHDP has largely depended on the generosity and contributions of its founders. An acute shortage of funds necessary to both “kick start” and sustain activities has been a major constraint. The Organization founders have embarked on massive resource mobilization through proposal writing and submissions. It is hoped that as soon as some proposals are successful, the organization can run the activities effectively and produce greater results and impact.

Organizational Expertise and operational capacities.

Eastern Community Health and Development Programme currently has a minimal, committed and self-motivated individuals with extensive and broad range of relevant experience and an entrepreneurial ethic. ECHDP has expertise and strong experience in implementing HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria, STIs, Cervical Cancer, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Youth and adolescent services, Community mobilization, Community demand creation, Community engagement, MC, Public health, administration, Project Management, Financial management, Monitoring and evaluation, WASHE, Advocacy, Climate change/environmental protection mitigation, agriculture/agribusiness and food security, GBV, Economic empowerment, women participation and many other areas with a strong community component. It further has a pool of

Experienced trainers, development planners, researchers who have carefully guided and continue guiding ECHDP to develop and manage donor and own resources. The founding members and other staff members have a rich background of work as they are coming from other International and local NGOs, Government Ministries and civil society organizations with vast experience. ECHDP has a principle and track record of managing both own and donor funds. Currently, we have a Financial Manager who is directly supervised by the Director for Partnerships, resource mobilization and expansion (who has extensive experience in Grants administration and management of USAID, EU and other Donors) dedicated to grants Management and monitoring the utilization of funds and internal financial management. We have a well defined financial management system supported by a comprehensive financial policy and procedures manual. For transparency and accountability sake, an external auditor is hired to audit our books at the end of each project financial year.