Eastern Community Health and Development Programme (ECHDP) is a local, Zambian and Community envisioned Non-for-profit Organisation (NGO) founded by three (3) Zambians namely Syria Phiri; an experienced Clinical Officer General, Evans Nsooka; a Social Worker and a Monitoring and Evaluation Associate; and Mambwe Mkasanga; a Social Worker and a current Public Health Scholar (Refer to the index page for full profiles of the above captioned Organizational founders).The formation of the Organization was necessitated by the observations and Rapid Participatory Appraisals and needs assessments done by founders as they have been people who have worked for both Government and Non-Governmental Organisations (Both local and International) for several years. In their observations and needs assessment, the main synergized findings were that; There are a number of NGOs working in different areas of human sphere which are supplementing government’s efforts, however, there is still more that needs to be done because most of the Organizations have no local establishment, hence missing the real needs of the local people as there is no proper understanding of the needs of the Communities they work with; Secondly, most NGOs with programmes for communities have engaged Communities/Beneficiaries partially, hence, programmes being implemented lack ownership and full Community support. Thirdly, despite having a reasonable number of NGOs, the Zambian population keeps growing, hence more need for all services to be increased; and finally, despite having lots of NGOs in the region (Eastern Province) and the country as a whole, the founders observed that there exists a gap in Coordination amongst these NGOs, eventually, resulting to a poor referral system amongst organizations and even with the Government line Ministries themselves, thereby not meeting the needs of the populations being served as each Organization only provides services being offered by it and no further referrals made to other service providers.

The Overall aim and goal of ECHDP is not to offer all the services by itself but on the contrary, to refer the clients whose needs cannot be met by ECHDP to other service providers and this shall be done by putting in place a Provincial NGO/Government Ministries service providers’ database/directory to direct members of the public where to access each type of service. The Organization will aim to provide and facilitate the provision of holistic services to the Communities through facilitation of referrals and the many various Community projects it will implement of bridging the gaps in the services provided by the Zambian government and both International and local Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs). Its mandate is to provide locally relevant, sustainable and meaningful community services in all its projects and activities. It is an Organization that has been formed to provide holistic services in order to strive to meet the complex and multifaceted needs met by the Community members in Eastern Province of Zambia. The Organisation’s operational areas shall be the entire Eastern Province.

The Organization’s basis and strategy is to provide sustainable and viable services in all its projects and activities which shall have a lasting impact on the communities in which the projects shall be implemented so as to build healthy and productive communities. This shall be done by having well established Community structures in all the projects and also through the utilization of the Bottom-up model in programme implementation so that the practical needs of the people can be met with their input in finding solutions to their own problems shall have a great place in the Organization.