To supplement the government and other Non-Governmental Organizations’ efforts in service provision by bridging the existing gaps in the service provision through the provision of holistic services in order to meet the complex needs of the communities we are serving.

 Organizational Focus

To build capacity in Communities by working directly with them as they are agents and custodians of change in order to bring about meaningful and sustainable development.


Our long term Vision is, “To be a leading local Community-envisioned organization in Zambia which shall provide robust sustainable health, development, Charity and research services so as to meet the needs of humanity in a holistic manner”.


To build healthy and productive local Communities through the provision of holistic, relevant and sound health and development services for sustainable and meaningful development.

Mission Statement

To be an indigenous NGO with whose mandate is to build capacities in communities through providing holistic, sustainable, meaningful, relevant and sound Community-envisioned services in order to bridge the existing inequalities in service provision thereby, meeting the complex needs of Communities.


The following are the values that underpin the work of ECHDP;

Respect – To ensure there is respect for all staff members, partners, and stakeholders with whom we share     common goals, while recognizing  and  respecting individual differences.
Integrity and honesty– Our staff members are expected to be consistently truthful and straight-forward and to uphold the highest form of integrity to the Organization, our beneficiaries, partners and other concerned individuals.

Gender equality and equity– ECHDP is committed to fairness and not disadvantaging anybody regarding sex, race, religion, political affiliation, HIV status and many other areas in its work .

Innovation and creativity: ECHDP and its members shall always strive to find new ways of solving problems and not doing things routinely

Transparency-Transparency shall be demonstrated through dialogue that enables discussion of issues in an open, constructive, honest, and problem-solving oriented manner.

Partnership: ECHDP will always value the creation, strengthening and nurturing of collaborations with the government, donors, partners and the communities in its operations

Sustainability: ECHDP implements its activities in ways that are lasting to avoid dependency on continual external assistance and support. This is ensured by including, where allowed by a donor, sustainability/business expenditure in the budget which is channelled towards Organizational sustainability project. Further, in all its projects, the Organization ensures full time Community ownership of projects through Capacity building and Community engagement.

Accountability: Our staff members are expected to acknowledge and assume responsibility for their actions, products, decisions, and policies.

Evidence Based Practice: The Organization and its members ensure that all its projects and activities respond to proven problem(s) and are as a result of practical and proven identified problems, challenges and issues rather than implementing projects and activities based on assumptions. This shall be done through  Community   stakeholders’  consultation/involvementand research, Rapid Participatory Appraisals, Needs assessment and surveys.