Our Staff

Highly Qualified & Skilled.


The Board has delegated the responsibility for the day-to-day management of ECHDP to the 3 Director of Programmes who are also founders of the Organization, who are supported by the Financial and Human Resource Managers for financial, programme, Human resource management and administration assisted further in monitoring of programmes by Project Managers and Coordinators. The functions of the Management team are facilitation and implementation of the Organization’s programmes and activities. They are also responsible for policy implementation and interpreting regulations through setting procedures, and terms and conditions to be observed by all employees, Volunteers and Interns. The Senior Management is directly answerable to the Board of Directors. Specific responsibilities of the Management team include but not limited to the following:-

  1. a) Coordination of all the activities of ECHDP
  2. b) Preparation of Annual work plans and budgets
  3. c) Preparation of narrative progress and financial reports on performance of ECHDP
  4. d) Sourcing of and prudently managing all financial resources of the ECHDP
  5. e) Facilitation of capacity building (up-skilling) of the Organizational staff, board members and Volunteers/interns.
  6. f) Facilitating the development and building of partnerships and networks with appropriate institutions and other stakeholders involved in the areas of work of ECHDP at national, local and international level.
  7. g) To ensure the Organizational guidelines, principles, policies and values are being adhered to by all staff, volunteers and interns.
  8. h) Provision of Technical support and information required by the Board of Directors for their effective representation of ECHDP on various issues.
  9. i) Ensure all the staff are working effectively in order to achieve the set targets and objectives/indicators.
  1. j) Setting of procedures, and ways of working, code of conduct, defines Key indicators for performance, monitors the organizational progress, takes where necessary the corrective measures/actions, and
  2. k) Development of management internal controls for ratification by the Board of Directors, such as policy manuals on Finance, Procurement, Human resource and others.
  3. l) Shall be responsible for external Project correspondences.
Syria Phiri

Syria Phiri

Director of Programmes-Health

Mr. Syria Phiri is the Director of Programmes-Health. He is a Clinical Officer General trained from Chainama College of Health Sciences. He has extensive work experience, having worked for the Government in the Ministry of Health for over 30 years. He has also worked for International NGOs for over 4 years. He is highly experienced in the areas of HIV/AIDS in paeds, adolescents, and adults, Opportunistic infections, TB, Malaria, STIs, Maternal and Child Health, Diarrhoea, WASHE, and many other health related issues. He is a Trainer of Trainers in Quality Improvement (QI), ART, Opportunistic Infections, STIs and other areas. He has got vast supervisory skills. He is so passionate in sharing his skills towards the achievement of ECHDP’s goals and objectives in the Health programmes desk.

Evans Nsooka

Evans Nsooka

Resource Mobilization and Expansion Director

Mr. Evans Nsooka is the Partnerships, Resource Mobilization and Expansion Director. He is a seasoned Social Worker who holds a diploma in Social Work from Mulungushi University, Zambia’s third Public University. He is also a trained and very experienced in Monitoring and Evaluation. He is In-Charge of Creating, strengthening and nurturing of all Partnerships. He is also in-Charge of Coordinating Resource Mobilization and sustainability of the programme and all projects. He has a very rich background in Grants Administration/Management, Programme Implementation in HIV/AIDS, Community Mobilization, Agriculture, Field Work, Financial Management. He at one time was the Coordinator for an HIV/AIDS Community Programme where he was supervising over 50 Field Officers and many Volunteers and this programme recorded greater impact in Zambia and sub-Saharan region. He says, “It is very exciting to be one of the founders of a local Community-envisioned Organization whose aim is to direct transform the lives of people in Eastern Community in a holistic, sustainable and relevant manner”.

Mambwe Mkasanga

Mambwe Mkasanga

Director of Programmes

Mr. Mambwe Mkasanga is the Director of Programmes in-Charge of Agriculture/Agribusiness, Education, GBV, Economic Empowerment,    Climate Change/ Environmental Protection, Women Participation, Governance and advocacy; and Child rights Protection. He has a diploma in Social Work from Mulungushi University and he is currently pursuing a BSc (Hons) Professional Heath Studies (Public Health) with Teesside University, UK in conjunction with Chainama College of Health Sciences. He has worked for UNHCR as an Intern and has further worked as Hospital Administrator. He is well vested in HIV/AIDS, Cervical Cancer, Community Mobilization, Demand creation, MC, Project Management, Administration, Agriculture, Climate change, GBV, Economic Empowerment, Child rights Protection, Financial Management, Strategic Management and many other areas. He has so much passion to contribute his innovations to the betterment of ECHDP and the community the Organization is serving